Frightwig is a villain that first appeared in All Wet.


When compared to her original version, she is notably younger. Her skin is no longer pale. On her arms, there are now yellow stripes. Her eyes are now violet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Frightwig has powerful cybernetic hair that can be used to hit, wrap up, crash into, and defeat enemies. Her hair is extremely powerful, with black orbs on the tips for greater concussive damage.


Frightwig can accidentally tie herself up if she tries to whip her hair at an opponent and misses. If the ends are grabbed and pulled, she can be pulled along with them. Her hair is vulnerable to water, as they lose their grip when wet. 


Frightwig first appeared in All Wet, where she continuously attempts to sabotage the water park, but is stopped by Ben. She and Ben have already faced each other many times in the past, developing a rivalry due to Frightwig's increasing frustration at Ben thwarting her plans. 

In Zombozo-Land, she reappeared with the other members of the Circus Freak Trio at Adrena-World, where she and the others helped Zombozo with his plan to enslave the world with his Hypno-Tower.


Ben 10Edit


  • Frightwig is a child in the reboot, while in the original she was an adult.