Nemuinas are a fairy-like species from Nemunimos IV.


Pesky dust

Pesky Dust (Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Nemuina)

Nemuinas are a short, fairy-like species with blue skin. They have purple fairy-like wings and purple hair. They have two, three-fingered hands, and their feet have two toes on them.

Nemuinas speak with a trilling voice.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nemuinas can produce a dust from their fingers that makes those who inhale it go to sleep, and then they can induce a dream state in their sleeping victim. They will then be able to enter and manipulate those dreams.

Nemuinas can fly and have enhanced speed and agility.

Notable NemuinasEdit

Notable Nemuina HybridsEdit


The name "Nemuina" means "I feel sleepy" in Japanese.